The Torotrak Group

We are a highly innovative, green automotive technology company at the cutting-edge of our industry.  Our strategy is to develop and commercialise a range of cost-effective technologies that improve vehicle fuel consumption, reduce vehicle emissions and deliver an improved driving experience.

We develop our own technology and work with our partners to help them incorporate it into their products for launch into their markets.  We partner with other technology firms, suppliers, Tier 1s and OEMs to achieve our objectives, and in so doing leverage our core team’s strengths.  With our partners we are delivering multiple prototypes, demonstrator vehicles and production programmes.

Our focus is on the development and commercialisation of our three technology families in which we are a world leader:

• Flybrid – Flywheel-based energy recovery systems and associated transmissions;

• Torotrak – Variable drive transmissions for use in main vehicle powertrains and auxiliary devices; and

• V-Charge – Supercharging product containing the Torotrak technology.

We work with partners from around the world from our two UK engineering centres in Silverstone and Leyland.  Our team of 70+ highly skilled staff (over 80% of whom are engineers and technicians) are leaders in their field.

Adam Robson full length

Adam Robson – Chief Executive Officer of Torotrak