Flybrid System on Display with Wrightbus at Coach & Bus Live 2015


Reduced emissions and improved fuel economy from Flybrid® hybrid on display with Wrightbus at Coach & Bus Live 2015


Flybrid® KERS technology provides bus operators with durable, cost-effective option 

Visitors to the Wrightbus stand at this year’s Coach & Bus Live, which takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, will be able to explore the cutting-edge Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology from leading UK low-carbon vehicle innovation company, Torotrak Group.

The Flybrid® KERS technology features a high speed flywheel that captures kinetic energy during deceleration and then transmits this to the wheels to provide increased acceleration and reduced fuel consumption. Bus operators will have the opportunity to discuss how they can make significant savings through the adoption of this highly cost-effective, mechanical hybrid system – just one month before applications for the first round of funding grants under the Low Emission Bus Scheme (LEB) close on 31st October.

The LEB is a £30million, 3-year commitment from Government to support the purchase of new, high efficiency buses by contributing towards the cost of low carbon vehicle technologies, such as hybrid systems. The cost of Torotrak Group’s Flybrid® technology is around a quarter of traditional battery hybrids, enabling fleet operators to benefit from fuel savings earlier and allowing their grant funding to go further. It also qualifies for the maximum 75% subsidy available under the LEB regulations for its class of technology.

“A mechanical KERS as fitted to the Wrightbus StreetLite enables operators to reduce fleet emissions by harnessing the potential of a robust, cost-effective hybrid system,” says Tobias Knichel, Torotrak Group Business Development Director. “Inner-city clean air objectives will continue to tighten, making increased uptake of hybrid buses crucial for the development of a low carbon public transport network in the UK. We believe that the Flybrid® system provides the perfect solution: its mechanical KERS design complements the lightweight chassis of the Wrightbus StreetLite midi, enhances the already fuel-efficient drivetrain and is perfect for the start-stop urban cycles experienced by public transport.”

The Flybrid® system as fitted to the Wrightbus demonstrators is situated parallel to the transmission and transmits power to the rear axle through a secondary propshaft. Energy is captured under deceleration and stored in a carbon-fibre and steel flywheel, before being deployed to accelerate the bus while proportionally reducing load on the internal combustion engine and saving fuel. “The Flybrid® system for buses has been extensively validated, having undergone a rigorous durability testing programme – its life cycle of 1,000,000km, 40,000 operational hours or 8,000,000 charge/discharge cycles is aligned with the anticipated lifetime of the vehicle to which it is fitted,” concludes Knichel.

Coach & Bus Live is the largest showcase of bus, coach and passenger transport technologies in the UK, and features live action, feature areas and comprehensive master classes aimed at commercial fleet operators.

The Flybrid® system can be seen on the Wrightbus stand, A1, throughout Wednesday 30th and Thursday 1st.