FT: auto giants struggle to keep up with disruptive clean tech innovators

A series of articles in the Financial Times has highlighted how the rise of small innovation businesses developing next generation clean automotive technology is presenting a growing challenge to OEMs and Tier 1s, forcing carmakers to look beyond their traditional in-house or Tier 1 developers to keep ahead of the clean tech curve.

SAE, the world’s largest automotive engineering institution, recently interviewed Torotrak CEO Jeremy Deering on this topic. In the feature, which you can read here, Jeremy suggested that part of the solution is for the global Tier 1 technology suppliers to work more closely with specialist innovation hothouses like Torotrak. “We are right at the forefront of this strategy, aligning our capability to support this significant shift in the market dynamic,” Jeremy explained. “It’s a complement to our forward thinking that the Financial Times has picked up on this shift, which we believe will open exciting new opportunities for commercially-focused innovation businesses like Torotrak.”

You can read the FT articles here  and here.