Green development work paying off for Torotrak

Research and development into green technologies is reaping rewards for transmission technology specialist Torotrak (Development) Ltd following the announcement of new UK initiatives into low carbon vehicles.

The company, which has developed new generation transmissions for the car and commercial vehicle sectors and has been involved in state-of-the-art Kinetic Energy Recovery systems for motor sport, is amongst a select group of UK organisations set to benefit from a boost in hybrid vehicle investment.

The Government-backed Technology Strategy Board has announced that it is to spend £10 million on ten innovative research projects aimed at developing cutting-edge, ultra efficient electrical systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Torotrak, already actively involved in a TSB-supported consortium, which is working on a project to demonstrate the benefits of a flywheel based mechanical hybrid in a premium passenger car, has now been included amongst a selection of more than 30 companies and seven universities to participate in these latest projects.

Commenting on the announcement, Torotrak Chief Executive, Dick Elsy, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by the Technology Strategy Board to be involved in a further world class, low carbon vehicle project and to be at the forefront of research and development into areas which promise so much in terms of improving the environment and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.”


About Torotrak 

Torotrak is the world’s foremost developer of full-toroidal traction drive technology. The company designs and develops Continuously Variable (CVT) and Infinitely Variable (IVT) transmissions which deliver outstanding levels of performance, functionality and refinement along with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Torotrak develops main drive transmissions as well as variable ratio transmissions for application in flywheel-based mechanical hybrid systems and for use as auxiliary drives.

Torotrak operates in the automotive, truck, bus, off-highway and agricultural markets, in motor sport and in outdoor power equipment.  Its customers are equally widely spread across Europe, North America, India and Japan, and include major vehicle makers and tier one transmission manufacturers.

Torotrak plc is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange. For more information about Torotrak, go to