Introducing Torotrak Group’s new CEO

Adam Robson full lengthAdam Robson joins as Group Chief Executive Officer


Torotrak Group is pleased to welcome new CEO Adam Robson, who joins the company today. Robson has a strong automotive engineering background and is an experienced manager of growing technology businesses. His international CV spans a range of technology companies, from new ventures to business development in larger multinationals, and latterly with Nova Capital Management, extensive experience in capital markets.

“My career has been spent bringing together technology management and business development skills. In Torotrak, I see a company which I think is on the point of realising great value from its technology. This makes it a very exciting time to join the company, and I hope that the skills and experience I bring with me will help in that realisation of potential.” Explains Adam, “I love to be involved with great engineers delivering clever engineering solutions – and Torotrak has that in spades.”

“In terms of a 100-day plan from today, we certainly have plenty to do. Internally, I want firstly to get clear priorities for our investments, and then to get the organisation right so everyone can do their jobs productively and successfully.” Robson is a strong believer in the power of teamwork and empowerment, giving each member of staff the support and opportunity to succeed in their work. Admittedly, this can be more of a challenge across two sites in Leyland and Silverstone – however Adam plans to be located ‘wherever he’s needed’ to facilitate this progress.

“Externally, we have to work with our investors, OEM partners and Tier 1 partners in particular, to bring them along with us, and to give us the market opportunities and resources we need.” Explains Adam, who will spend the majority of his first few weeks with the company meeting these key external partners. “This is a pity, as I would like to spend some time getting closer to the teams and the technologies – however everyone understands our priorities right now, and I will look forward to this after meeting our partners.”

The team at Torotrak look forward to getting to know Adam over the coming weeks, and look forward to introducing him to the company’s wealth of experience and exciting technologies.