Relations with Shareholders

The Chief Executive and Finance Director are the principal points of contact for shareholders.  The Chairman or the Senior Independent Director is available to shareholders where normal channels of communication may not be appropriate.

The Company gives high priority to communications with shareholders by means of an active investor relations programme, which includes a rolling programme of meetings with institutions, private investor intermediaries and the Torotrak Private Shareholders’ Association.  A section of the Company’s website is dedicated to investors.

The Board is made aware of the views of major and other shareholders through reports and feedback made available at Board meetings following meetings with investors.  The Board also reviews and seeks to understand the reasons for any substantial movements in the shareholder register, through appropriate analysis supplied at Board meetings.

All shareholders are welcomed at the Company’s Annual General Meeting, which the Board considers to be an important forum for investor communication.  In particular, the meeting provides an opportunity for investors to meet with the Board and Chairmen of the committees.