Shareholder Communications Policy

As the owners of the Company, our shareholders are naturally of paramount importance to us.  We welcome their engagement and feedback and strive for best practice in all that we do to support constructive investor relations.  

We meet with institutional investors, as well as the TPSA (private shareholders’ representative group), twice a year following results announcements and at the Annual General Meeting.  We also meet with investors following any significant news releases of material impact to the Company that might fall outside these three periods.

We wish to respond fully and thoughtfully to all enquiries, and it is for this reason that outside the above opportunities to meet directly, we seek to answer investors’ questions or comments in writing.  Please write to the Company Secretary c/o Samantha Marsh:

Torotrak plc
1 Aston Way
PR26 7UX
United Kingdom

Alternatively, if a professional investor, please contact either:

Simon Hudson, Director
Tavistock Communications / +44 (0)20 7920 3150

Carl Holmes, Corporate Financier
Charles Stanley Securities / +44 (0)20 7149 6588