Press roundup: acquisition of Motorsport Components Limited and ‘The Proving Factory’

A summary of recent articles covering our two latest announcements: the Interim Management Statement and acquisition of Motorsport Components Limited; and, the signing of a new agreement with TATA Steel, MIRA, and Productiv to participate in ‘The Proving Factory’.


Auto Industry Newsletter: Torotrak expands business links

Auto Industry Newsletter reports on Torotrak’s acquisition of Motorsport Components Limited and participation in ‘The Proving Factory’, saying that “the MCL team will become integrated into a new pilot production cell unit at Leyland that will be able to machine and assemble complete variable drive systems. Whereas The Proving Factory will effectively replicate Tier 1 manufacturing capability up to a maximum capacity of 20,000 units per annum, Torotrak’s cell build will focus on higher-value, lower-volume units with much higher margins.”

Automotive WorldTorotrak Drives Commercialisation Strategy With Strengthened Manufacturing Capability

Automotive World also covers the Motorsport Components acquisition and ‘The Proving Factory’ announcement, concluding that this new “prototyping production capability and membership of government manufacturing consortium accelerates readiness of toroidal drive technology for main drive transmissions, variable-drive superchargers and mechanical hybrids.”

The Business Desk: Torotrak to ramp up production at ‘Proving Factory’

The Business Desk  focuses on ‘The Proving Factory’, reporting that “At the Rotherham-based Proving Factory it [Torotrak] will work on manufacturing 20,000 units a year of its V-Charge device, which helps to maintain the performance of downsized engines.”

Engineering CapacityTorotrak acquires Motorsport Components

Engineering Capacity discusses the Motorsport Components deal, quoting Torotrak chief executive Jeremy Deering: “By bringing precision prototyping in-house we’re making it easier for original equipment manufacturers and tier one suppliers to engage with our technology.” The article goes on to say that “Elsewhere, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with Tata Steel UK Limited, MIRA Limited and Productiv Limited, to join a new government backed initiative, the ‘Proving Factory’, which gives access to shared quality processes, equipment and facilities capable of providing manufacturing capacity of up to 20,000 units per annum.”

Steel GuruTorotrak inks agreement with TATA Steel

Steel Guru reports on ‘The Proving Factory’, stating that it “will help launch product into the automotive supply chain with reduced investment costs, being a key aim of the initiative. The Proving Factory will work with Torotrak to create production-ready, validated design and then take this from prototype and pilot production through to medium volume manufacturing.”

Insider MediaTorotrak supports £22m manufacturing initiative

Insider Media also focuses on ‘The Proving Factory’, saying that “Torotrak has become the latest company to support The Proving Factory, a £22m Tata Steel manufacturing initiative to help bring UK low carbon technologies to market.” Further on, the article reports that “The Proving Factory will consist of two facilities: component manufacturing at the Tata Steel site at Brinsworth, Rotherham, and an assembly facility in the West Midlands, providing employment and regeneration”.