A New Boost For Our Variator Technology

V-Charge, Andrew de Freitas


“The work is challenging and always very interesting. It’s exciting to be involved in something that could transform the next generation of engines. The past year has been a period of intense development, culminating in a fully calibrated, road-testable demonstrator vehicle. Our recent programme of concept demonstrations with vehicle manufacturers has received extremely positive feedback and has informed our next stage prototype design.”

The variable drive supercharger (“V-Charge”) is
 a groundbreaking step for us as well as for the industry. It paves a new path for Torotrak as a systems integrator and provides automotive vehicle manufacturers with a powerful new proposition in pressure charging technology.

Successfully calibrating the control of our variator with the supercharged engine required a combination of our proven technical knowhow, and the confidence to apply it to a new area of automotive engineering. We have taken our existing variator control knowledge, and developed it for the V-Charge application. Through rigorous bench testing in a simulation environment, followed by on-vehicle verification and validation, we have learnt what is necessary to provide great control over a highly supercharged downsized engine.

Now in its second generation, our new V-Charge “V2″ unit is even more refined and production-ready. We’ve made it smaller, lighter and more efficient than its predecessor, lowering the overall cost and further improving ease of application.