Production Manufacture

At the core of each of our technologies are highly specialised components and sub-systems. We recognise that the ability to produce these in high-quality and at low-cost must be designed in from the outset. So we develop the manufacturing technology and processes as well as the functional performance.

High-speed flywheels and CVT discs and rollers are high-performance components. We have a deep understanding of the full production process from the raw material requirements through to processing, heat-treatment and finishing. We offer this know-how, helping our customers reduce both development costs and time to market.


Production Supply

We are able to supply (both in-house and via our supply chain partners) all of the core-technology components to our customers:

  • High-speed flywheels
  • Flywheel modules
  • Complete energy recovery systems for the off-highway sector
  • CVT discs and rollers


Prototype Manufacture and Assembly

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly capability allows us to deliver our technology directly to customers, avoiding the additional costs and lead times associated with outsourcing these services and giving us real manufacturing insight to help create the high quality/low cost products our customers require.

Our high-precision manufacturing capability for components enables us to produce prototype machined components and fabricated parts and systems more quickly and accurately. Customers will benefit from technology products that have been meticulously designed, built and quality-controlled to our own exacting standards, from start to finish.

We also manufacture all our own flywheels, allowing us to ensure their quality and precision – vital as they rotate at up to 60,000 rpm.

Capabilities include:

  • Machining – full machine shop facilities including CNC milling, turning and splining, as well as grinding, boring and 3D profiling
  • Fabrication and welding – all aspects of sheet metal and tubular fabrication; welding of steel, aluminium and magnesium
  • Flywheel Manufacture – high precision manufacturing of hubs and filament wound carbon fibre rims for high speed flywheels
  • Demonstrator vehicles – all aspects of conversion, calibration and testing