Our strategy is to focus our resources on the specific areas of the market where our technologies can deliver the most substantial benefits, at an accessible price.

On-highway Commercial Vehicles

In this highly competitive market, we are focusing on city buses and delivery trucks with high levels of “stop start” in their usage patterns, where Torotrak Group’s technologies deliver the greatest benefits. Our technological focus is on Flybrid mechanical Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) and fuel-saving main drive transmissions.  We have a proven ERS product developed with Wrightbus available to potential customers.

Off-highway Machines

Flybrid ERS is also applicable to this market, with a range of OEMs such as JCB working on the technology. We have a standard Energy Recovery System (ERS) product that can be hydraulically connected on any machine .  We are also targeting main drive transmissions for mid-range agricultural tractors and certain construction machines, responding to the need for excellent fuel economy coupled with a high level of machine control.

Passenger Cars

Our technological focus in passenger cars is on V-Charge and on Flybrid ERS. V-Charge allows OEMs to develop fuel-saving downsized engines without compromising vehicle performance. A Flybrid ERS can be installed in any passenger car, from a small city car to a supercar, saving fuel and making driving fun.   This is true whether the primary powertrain uses an internal combustion engine or an electric motor.

Other Markets

Torotrak Group’s technology and system integration capability also allows other markets to be addressed, such as stationary engine applications. Whilst not currently our core focus, we maintain a strategic view of these applications to allow the early identification of potential opportunities.