Summary of Torotrak Media Coverage January to March 2016









Transport Engineer

Flybrid KERS success means production will start mid year

Transport Engineer provided its readers with a Flybrid KERS update on the Wrightbus Streetlite trials. The title confirmed that durability testing was underway and that production tooling had commenced, with a view to production starting this summer.


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Yahoo! Finance

Torotrak’s V-Charge receives a boost

Yahoo! Finance was interested in the February RNS press release, focussing on the technology’s future impact on the automotive industry and Ford’s plans to consider a further-developed V-Charge as a production-intent twin-stage boosting system. The article stated that, during testing on a Ford 1.0L Ecoboost engine, V-Charge helped meet all target requirements, providing a class-leading 90% of target torque in under 500ms.




Plastics Today

Composite flywheel reduces fuel consumption in bus

Plastics Today expressed particular interest in the composite makeup of Torotrak’s flywheel, lightweighting and the efficiency gains that can be provided by the Flybrid KERS system as part of a commercial vehicle powertrain.




Supplier Business

Torotrak, Wrightbus to launch next-generation Flybrid KERS-equipped bus in Q3 2016

Business title for the automotive supply chain, Supplier Business, picked up on Torotrak’s successful fuel trials with Wrightbus, and the plans for a Q3 2016 delivery of its latest generation system ready for vehicle production. The title provided background information, and details of why it is an ideal, fuel-efficient solution for the UK bus market.

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Transport News Brief

Feature: What next for Britain’s busy bus industry?

An article looking at the future of the UK bus industry, written for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ Transport News Brief, covered the Flybrid KERS project with Wrightbus. [] Technology transfer from Formula 1 was referenced alongside the Flybrid system’s mechanical design. The content was also repeated by the organisers of the Commercial Vehicle Show [], which takes place in the UK from 26 – 28 April, at the NEC, Birmingham.



World Industrial Reporter

Flybrid Systems’ New Flywheel Technology to Reduce Fuel Consumption

World Industrial Reporter provided its readers with an overview of Flybrid KERS technology, Torotrak’s successful fuel trials with Wrightbus, and the potential benefits that can be brought to the bus industry with regards to reduced emissions and improved efficiency.


Techtalk: Flywheel Future

South African title,, provided an overview of Flybrid KERS technology that had previously been on display at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Show. It focussed on technology capability and potential, performance and efficiency provided by the Flybrid KERS system.




Automotive World Monthly

Supercharging and turbocharging – complementary tech in the quest for lower emissions

The highly regarded monthly publication from Automotive World examined the factors that are currently limiting the further advancement of emissions reduction, and nominated V-Charge as a potential solution. The title cited enhanced transient response, improved packaging and a potentially lower system cost when utilising a Torotrak V-Charge solution.



Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine

Featuring Torotrak: Interview with Tobias Knichel, Business Development Director

In an interview with Tobias Knichel, Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine highlights the challenges facing the automotive industry to reduce emissions, and outlines Torotrak’s range of solutions. The article touches on Torotrak’s business and technology background, then outlines its innovative vision for the future.



Power Transmission Engineering

Torotrak Drive Technologies

An article that outlines the methodology and technology behind new Torotrak Pitchsteer and DriveDisconnect components. It explains that Torotrak will continue to develop both technologies as it strives to further advance its V-Charge variable speed supercharger system. It also states that Torotrak has validated both technologies through use with an existing V-Charge unit.



Transport Engineer

Next generation engines

As part of an in-depth look at next generation commercial vehicle powertrain technologies, Transport Engineer uses Torotrak’s Flybrid KERS as an example of an innovative technology that is helping to reduce emissions and enhance performance. The article explains that Euro 7 legislation could focus on CO2 emissions as opposed to pollutants, and how vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers can develop technologies that will help future vehicles meet stringent CO2 targets.



Management Today

John McLaren: Why I’m still a petrolhead

An interview with Torotrak board member John McLaren, who explains his role and Torotrak’s belief that future technology advancements can help make petrol-engined cars up to 40% more efficient, at a modest cost per vehicle. The interview goes on to explain that such improvements in emissions reduction could make the internal combustion engine more environmentally friendly than electric-powered alternatives.