Technical characteristics of the Flybrid technology for off-highway and Industrial applications presented at FPC2017



6th March 2017… Last week Chief Engineer Dr Andrew Deakin, spoke at the Future Powertrain Conference (FPC2017). FPC2017 is a two day UK event created to bring together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field. Dr Deakin spoke about Flybrid’s flywheel based energy storage technology during the off-road and heavy duty vehicles session which was well received by attendees.

Dr Deakin explained how the Flybrid energy storage solution can be combined with hydraulic, mechanical and electric energy transfer solution. This flexibility allows the Flybrid technology to be broadly applicable across many different applications.

Flybrid and their project partners are currently working on flywheel based energy storage applications in various off-road and construction equipment applications – from excavators to wheel loaders to forklifts and reach stackers. In these applications the Flybrid technology enables increased productivity whilst meeting stringent emission regulations. Fuel economy benefit of up to 20% has been validated through customer tests, with the potential saving up to 30%. Dr. Deakin’s conclusion from Flybrid’s work so far is that the business case is convincing for all medium and large off-highway machines which are burning at least 15ltr. per hour and operate for more than 2000h per year.

Dr Deakin also presented the use of Flybrid technology for load levelling in power generation applications. “Load levelling of the engine allows either a smaller engine to be used or the engine to be run at lower speeds which can result in significant fuel saving,” said Dr Deakin. “The use of Flybrid technology enables cost effective load levelling solutions”.

Torotrak Group are able to provide Flybrid modules for customers to trial, if you are interested in Flybrid modules for your vehicles, please contact Torotrak Group’s sales team.

Dr Deakin’s presentation titled ‘Flywheel-based Hybrid and Power Boosting Systems for Off-highway and Industrial Applications’ will be available to view on the FPC2017 website by mid-March.


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