Technology Director Greenwood retires

Torotrak’s Technology Director, Chris Greenwood, retired on September 30th after 32 years in the transmission business. A founding father of Torotrak’s full-toroidal traction drive technology, Chris was involved at the very start of its development when, in 1978 and whilst employed by Leyland Vehicles, he undertook research and development into traction drives for application to trucks and buses. He was instrumental in setting up the CVT (continuously variable transmission) group that eventually evolved into the Torotrak business.

Chris was responsible for leading the development of Torotrak’s technology and the management of the Company’s patent portfolio and, as Torotrak’s leading inventor, has his name on over 50% of the patents and patent applications owned by the business.

Presenting a clock in the shape of one Torotrak’s toroidal discs to Chris upon his retirement, CEO Dick Elsy thanked him for his outstanding contribution and for the rich technical legacy that Chris leaves behind him.  Chris said that the past 32 years had passed quickly due to his love of “finding out how things work and solving problems.” Chris was also given a satellite navigation system as a gift from colleagues.

Although his longer term retirement plans include a move to France, Chris plans to stay close to Torotrak and to be able to advise the company on technology matters in the future.

About Torotrak 

Torotrak is the world’s foremost developer of full-toroidal traction drive technology. The company designs highly efficient continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and infinitely variable transmissions (IVT) to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions. Its transmissions also deliver outstanding levels of functionality, performance and driving refinement. Torotrak develops main drive transmissions as well as variable ratio drive units for application in flywheel-based mechanical hybrid systems and for use as auxiliary drives.

Torotrak operates in the automotive, truck, bus, off-highway and agricultural markets, in motor sport and in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) market through its joint venture business, Infinitrak.  Torotrak’s customers are widely spread across Europe, North America, India and Japan, and include major vehicle makers and tier-one transmission manufacturers.

Torotrak plc is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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