Torotrak Group at Industrial Vehicle Symposium

Torotrak Group to Showcase Fuel-Saving Technology at Off-Highway and Industrial Vehicle Symposium

Flywheel Complete.160

Energy Recovery System (ERS) for off-highway applications will be presented at Cologne conference

Torotrak Group will present its Flybrid flywheel energy recovery system (ERS) at the Electric and Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology (EHIVT) Symposium in Cologne on 9-10 November. In a presentation entitled ‘High efficiency flywheel system for hydraulic energy recovery’, Steve Hughes, Torotrak Group chief operating officer, and Joanna Brahova, the company’s Business Development Director, will outline the design and development of the system.

Off-highway machines fitted with Flybrid ERS can make potential fuel savings of between 10 and 25% because the system captures energy that is normally wasted during repetitive operations. Coupled with a low on-cost, this leads to short payback times and greater profitability for end users. The use of robust mechanical technology also suits the harsh operating environment often encountered in off-highway applications, overcoming many of the challenges faced by high-voltage electric hybrids.

“A mechanical flywheel is a compact, well proven and highly efficient way to capture and release large amounts of energy very quickly,” said Hughes. “The inherently low cost of Flybrid ERS means the technology typically pays for itself within the first year of operation because of the fuel savings.”

“We understand that the off-highway industry requires a reliable and fully controllable product,” said Brahova. “Our engineers have created a system that has the ability to harvest boom energy whilst retaining perfect controllability – something that no other hybrid can currently do.”

Having developed several flywheel-based energy recovery systems across a number of industries, Torotrak Group is now working with some of the leading off-highway equipment manufacturers to help provide significant fuel savings on future off-highway vehicles. The company’s Flybrid ERS features in two engineering programs announced recently, each partially government-funded by Innovate UK through the Advanced Propulsion Centre.

The Torotrak Group presentation takes place at 16:25 on 9th November, in the conference rooms on level 4 located in Conference Centre East of the Köln Messe.