Univance Press Release on IVT project progress

Torotrak has been working closely with its partner, Univance Corporation, not just on developing cost effective discs and rollers, which Univance can supply to Licensees, but also on joint business development in Japan, where Univance is based.  Univance  makes transmissions, transfer units and other automotive parts for numerous worldwide vehicle manufacturers, including Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu and Ford; it has 1280 employees with 3.5 million yen annual sales value and is positioned strategically in the market with a focus on innovative new technology.  We were delighted this year that Univance has promoted Torotrak technology at JSAE Automotive Engineering Exhibition 2014 in Yokohama, Japan, where around 490 exhibitors are present, covering Tier 1 and other suppliers and the world’s major automotive manufacturers.

Reproduced below is a translation of a press release issued by Univance in support of their promotion this year in particular of Torotrak’s IVT transmission technology:

“Univance and UK Automotive Engineering Company “Torotrak” are collaborating to develop Full Toroidal technology

Univance entered into a cooperation agreement with Torotrak plc in 2012 and the companies have been working together to productionise the full toroidal technology for automotive applications.  Now, Univance has successfully developed production intent processing of discs and rollers which are the key components of the “Full Toroidal Traction Drive Technology”.

The full toroidal traction drive technology is one of the traction drive technologies used in continuously variable ratio transmissions, and it has following advantages over other technologies such as belt type or chain type which are used in automotive CVT.

  •  Because the torque transfer and ratio change mechanism consists of discs and rollers, the parts count is smaller delivering advantages in terms of smaller package and lighter weight,
  • Rapid ratio change enables direct and swift accelerator response when the system is used in a CVT,
  • Higher torque transmitting efficiency compared with other CVT technologies.

Univance, with significant expertise in product and manufacturing technology has been working with Torotrak (which has a large patent portfolio and know-how in the field of full toroidal technology) on the productionisation of the full toroidal technology and has successfully demonstrated production intent processing of the key components, discs and rollers, for premium applications

Univance is continuing to work with Torotrak to progress the development activities for a product launch in cooperation with the global OEMs and Tier-1s.”