Volvo Cars tests of flywheel technology confirm fuel savings of up to 25%

Volvo Cars has announced that its tests of flywheel hybrid technology confirm fuel savings of up to 25 percent.

The flywheel system in their engineering vehicle was developed by Flybrid and uses Torotrak CVT technology. Last month we announced that Torotrak has acquired a 20 percent stake in Flybrid with an option to acquire the remainder.

You can read their release here, including their test results and quotes from their Vice-President Powertrain Engineering:

Torotrak CEO Jeremy Deering commented: “The Volvo release is very encouraging.  There is a distinct shift within the industry regarding the future of hybrid technology and it is very clear that purely mechanical systems such as Flybrid’s are both affordable and address the CO2 reduction targets.  Perhaps most importantly for vehicle manufacturers to consider, a hybrid device doesn’t need to feel like you are wearing a hair shirt – a fuel saving device that can also provide an impressive power boost is a more interesting proposition than challenging residual values and expensive battery replacement on electric hybrids.”